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All this in prose that is all the more enviable for its precision, lucidity, and pithiness. Above all, she explores the complex relationship between gender roles, sexuality, violence and representation. Tatar's book is particularly relevant today, amid the heated debates over violence, even as the images become more brutal and sensational, and the camera more voyeuristic and merciless.

The story of sexual murder is all too common—and not just during the brief period of the Weimar Republic.

  • Lustmord and the three perspectives of murder.
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It's precisely the commonplace nature of such brutal and misogynistic crimes that Maria Tatar seeks to expose. Lustmord breaks new ground in our understanding of German art and culture during this turbulent period between the two world wars.

A brilliant book of art and cultural criticism. She successfully weaves historical facts the murders that happened and their artistic representations into a fascinating new story that emphasizes the dark and suppressed side of Weimar culture.

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This story has amazingly far-reaching consequences not only for legal and sociological discussions, but also for considerations of gender relations, social control, modernity, and urban pathology in general. An important book for all who are interested in the nightside of Weimar.

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  7. A must book for art historians and literary and cultural historians. We have come to understand the crisis of male identities after the lost war as a breeding ground for German fascism, but Lustmord raises fascinating new questions about the relationship between the trauma of warfare and a sexualized imaginary of violence and mutilation that haunted Weimar art, literature, and film. A major contribution to cultural studies.

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    Lustmord: Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany

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